Your Web Ticket

Once you have booked your tickets you should automatically receive via email your "web ticket". This web ticket is also displayed on the screen when you complete your transaction which you can either print or send yourself a copy. Very occasionally a customer might mis-spell their email address which means you won't receive the emailed ticket. Or a customer may have accidentally deleted it upon receiving it.

You can retrieve your web ticket by following these simple instructions below. You will require your CBox reference number but if you have lost your CBox reference number then you'll need to email and request it is sent to you. Please provide your full name, the show title and the date and the number of tickets.

Otherwise, to retrieve your ticket details, please input the boxes at the bottom of the page with the following:

  1. Your Email Address - The email address needs to be  the same one you used when your tickets were ordered.
  2. Comedy Box Reference - This five digit number appeared on your original web ticket. It starts CBox - xxxxx. Just input the digits.

Your Email Address

Comedy Box Reference (CBox-xxxx)