Friday 8 November - Hen & Chicken Studio - 8pm (doors 7.15pm) - Tickets £16 inc fees


DATE: Friday 8 November - 8pm (doors 7.15pm) - Tickets £16 inc fees
"Stone is probably better than we deserve. Ultimately, it is the sheer quantity of funny material that really impresses" The List
Ian Stone is a "A masterful exponent of self-mocking Jewish humour" according to The Times, he’s been ranked “one of the top ten comedians in the UK” by the The Independent and The Guardian said that he’s "Seriously funny”. His show at the 2023 Edinburgh fringe ‘Ian Stone will Make it Better’, played to packed houses and won a Spirit of The Fringe award. 

His new show is called Ian Stone is Keeping it Together. In spite of everything. What does it matter that he has all his own hair and teeth and keeps a tight control over his between meal snacking when the Tories are still in power, there’s war in the middle east and Donald Trump could be allowed back (back!!) into the White House? How can there be such terrible pain and suffering in the world even though Ian always rates his WhatsApp call, package delivery and parking experience? And what happens to all the pens he buys? These and other questions will get the answers they deserve.

Ian is a hugely experienced broadcaster, podcaster, writer and a brilliantly funny comedian. He performs at all the major comedy venues/festivals in the UK and around the world. He’s recently begun posting reels on Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook and X and very quickly built up a following of over seventy thousand. His reels have had millions of hits.

When he’s not doing stand up comedy, Ian presents a football chat show on TNTSport. Guests have included Alan Davies and Omid Djalili as well as football legends Lee Dixon and Rob Lee. 

He hosts the Handbrake Off Arsenal podcast for The Athletic. They recently did their first live show at a sold out Leicester Square theatre.

He wrote To Be Someone, a book about growing up as a teenager and loving The Jam. It’s had over five hundred four and five star reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. Paul Weller gave him a quote for the front cover.

For five years, he co-hosted the award winning Rock N Roll Football on Absolute Radio with Ian Wright.