Thursday 18 July - Hen & Chicken Studio - 8pm (doors 7.15pm) - Tickets 16 inc fees


DATE: Thursday 18 July - 8pm (doors 7.15pm) - Tickets 16 inc fees

Fifty Minutes to Save the NHS

Doctors Phil Hammond (silly) and Dame Clare Gerada (serious) devise, with your help, a revolutionary health manifesto. Does the NHS need saving, funding or fixing? Will a change of government make much difference? Why can't we be like Sweden or Singapore? Is 'Health For All' an aspiration or a joke? Why are NHS staff so angry and knackered? Do we live too long or not long enough? Where can I buy some end-of-life drugs? Laugh, shout, argue, vote, save the NHS. Seriously subversive. The perfect election wind down. 

The Ins and Outs of Pleasure

Dr Phil Hammond (Private Eye, Doctor Doctor, Sex, Sleep or Scrabble?) dissects the ins and outs of pleasure using science, stories and stuff he's made up. Is your pleasure thermostat set at a level that won't destroy you? Are the ingredients of your pleasure soup correct or are you drowning in pleasure? Do you pleasure yourself and others in a safe and sustainable way? Where does pain fit in? Why do some people pleasure themselves so unusually? From philately to consensual cannibalism. 'One of the most entertainingly subversive people on the planet' (Guardian).